The Ministry of Finance, Borno State is one of the central and important Agencies of the Borno State Government. The focus of the Ministry is to support the administration in the attainment of its aims and objectives through the following:

  • Policy formulation and initiatives targeted towards financial viability of Borno State in revenue generation and expenditure management.
  • Accurate and timely financial information.
  • Efficient and reliable transaction processing.

Borno State

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Department of Budget and Planning

The Department of Budget and Planning under the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning is charged with the following statutory responsibilities: -
(a) Policy matters relating to Economic Planning and Development, at the State and Local Government levels;
(b) Preparation of Medium Term Development Plan,
(c) Preparation of Annual and Supplementary Budgets of Government which embody projects and programmes in accordance with the State Government Policy objectives;
(d) Monitoring the expenditures of Ministries/Departments and Parastatals including the Budget implementation guidelines in accordance with budget policies and magnitude;
(e) Advising on Authorization of Expenditure from Consolidated Revenue Fund, including Virement and Special Warrants;
(f) Monitoring of on-going projects in the Medium Term Plan to identify bottlenecks to plan implementation;

Public Relations

The Department of Budget and Planning is a non – executing Department in the sense that it does not provide direct service or utility to members of the public, aside from statistical information. It plays only a coordinating role in the economic development activities of other Ministries and bodies in such a way as to engineer a systematic and balanced development of the State in general. Considering the relative backwardness of our State and the gigantic amount of human and material resources needed to accelerate its development, this coordinating role becomes even more desirable. In the discharge of this responsibility, you need to establish direct and regular liaison with all Ministries of the State Government as well as relevant Federal Ministries and International Development Agencies and Financiers. In particular, while you strive to bring the State into focus to qualify for further assistance from these agencies, you have to equally keep the momentum of the activities already started through regular correspondences and preferably, personal visits.